UNCT Belarus’ COVID-19 Socioeconomic Response Plan (SERP): Achievements and Plans

Briefing. 29 March 2021

The response plan and its forthcoming activities will be discussed in a online meeting bringing together UN agencies, Government officials, development agencies, donors and other partners.

The UNCT Belarus SERP addresses short-term social and economic challenges as well as the longer-term COVID-19 implications for Belarus. It builds on the UNCT strategic priorities of protecting vulnerable groups, ensuring a sustainable green and inclusive transition, and a digital future bolstered by social innovation. It covers the five pillars of the global UN response, while adhering closely to the principles of environmental sustainability, gender equality and human rights approaches with the goal of building-better after the recovery.

The SERP showcases the UNCT’s value proposition, covering deliverables that include data monitoring and evaluation, financing of equipment and supplies, other in-kind assistance, capacity building, financial aid, advocacy and training, amongst other types of intervention.

Many of the activities are already being rolled out, starting with in-depth impact assessments of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups (e.g. unemployed, informal workers, migrant workers, refugees, older population, persons with disabilities, women, families with children, children with disabilities) and on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

Written by
Victor Radivinovski
Advocacy and Communications Officer
Victor Radivinovski
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International Organization for Migration
United Nations Resident Coordinator Office
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
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